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One of Marvel’s Avengers Turns to Sign Language. The story strives to connect readers with what he is experiencing: when he can’t hear, the word balloons on the page are blank. The comic also makes extensive use of sign language, but provides no key to interpreting them. “If nothing else, it’s an opportunity for hearing people to get a taste of what it might be like to be deaf,” Mr. Fraction said.
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Kevin being embarrassed about NLT on Virtually Famous (August 4th, 2014)

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the secret history meme:  [1/2] aesthetics

↳ Henry Winter

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Title: UnknownWhere Is My Rose
Artist: UnknownNLT
Album: Unknown
Played: 127 times

Where is my rose?
You know I’m missin’ you
Has it wilted in the cold

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[x] - Bichon Frise Puppies In A Box

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I told you. All the men in my life die.
I’m not a man in your life, okay? You said so yourself. I’m a little shitpot.

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